June 5, 2012 (Tue) - 8:00pm, Brattle Theatre

As a large section of the city floods out during the summer months toward worlds of water and other amusements, Balagan maintains momentum with the June 5th program: Acceleration. Come on board the cinematic roller coaster as we rocket toward maximum velocity, with pulsing lights and flowing hallucinogenic landscapes rushing by on all sides.


Dromosphäre / Thorsten Fleisch

Germany, 2010, video

Impossible Chase / John Warren

USA, 2011, 16mm transferred to video

Bike Light / Nicholas Kovats

Canada, 2012, super8 transferred to video

Monster Movie / Takeshi Murata

USA, 2005, video

Outer Space / Peter Tcherkassky

Austria, 1999, 35mm

Heavy-Light / Adam Beckett

USA, 1973, 16mm