Ship to Shore
August 24, 2012 (Fri) - 8:00pm, Norman B. Leventhal Park
$5 suggested donation. Poster by Meredith Stern.

Balagan and Magic Lantern Cinema unite to present a pair of outdoor film events on two consecutive nights in downtown Boston and Providence, under the banner “Ship to Shore.” Each program is composed of one portrait of a water body by PETER HUTTON and one landscape film by JAMES BENNING. The first of these screenings will occur Friday, August 24th in Boston and include Benning’s rarely-exhibited early short "9/1/75" alongside Hutton’s recent feature "AT SEA". While 9/1/75 is comprised of a single, twenty-two minute tracking shot Benning made at a Wisconsin campground on Labor Day, At Sea explores the staggeringly complex terrain of global commerce through the lens of a single merchant ship. The second screening, to occur Saturday, August 25th in Providence, presents Hutton’s Study of a River, a two year portrait of New York’s Hudson River in the wintertime, alongside Benning’s Deseret, a hauntingly beautiful investigation of the landscape and social history of Utah produced on the centennial of Utah’s statehood. These screenings mark the second collaboration between members of Balagan and Magic Lantern in the last year, and also extend their parallel inquiries into site-specific modes of film curation and exhibition, with each screening functioning as an exploration of cinema’s ability to change the ways we experience and inhabit urban spaces.


9/1/75 by James Benning


At Sea by Peter Hutton