Stephen Broomer guest lecture: Hybrid Strategies in Film and Video
October 20, 2015 (Tue) - 8:15pm, AgX Film Collective (144 Moody St. Building 18 Waltham)
$10-20 suggested donation (RSVP required)

This illustrated lecture by Stephen Broomer will introduce practical skills for artists who are interested in using video to alter and augment film images. Among the topics addressed will be the ways in which video has come to emulate traditional printing processes and the processes by which one might output digital manipulations of video back to film (through re-photography). The central learning goal of this discussion is to train participants to pursue new possibilities for working between mediums. Through the course of this presentation, Broomer will demonstrate the process by which a number of his own films were made, and will also provide examples of digital augmentation and ‘TV concrete’ rephotography from the recent history of experimental film.

The evening will include examples of Stephen Broomer's recent work and he will talk about the role served by digital technologies in their production. Following this, participants are invited to screen their own work with discussion to follow.

Space is limited so please RSVP to stefan[at] if interested. A $10-20 sliding scale donation is requested to supplement the expenses of Stephen's visit.