WORKSHOP: Handmade Emulsion
February 15, 2014 (Sat) - 12:00pm, LaPete Labs
February 16, 2014 (Sun) - 12:00pm, LaPete Labs

The process of handcrafting film emulsion is one that offers to the filmmaker an unprecedented degree of creative intervention and expressiveness that simply cannot be accomplished with commercial film stocks. By making emulsion, the filmmaker is given the ability to manipulate its shape, alter its chemical properties, apply it to non-traditional bases and adjust it in countless additional ways to create a unique photosensitive material. As such, the process manifests new forms of dialogue within the film’s production, many of which are still waiting to be explored.

In this two-day workshop, participants will study the craft of producing black and white, silver gelatin emulsion by formulating, mixing and coating emulsion onto cellulose acetate and various other materials. Theories concerning emulsion chemistry and emulsion production will also be explored in this workshop, providing participants with a foundation to develop their own processes and methodologies.

Number of Participants - 8
Venue - LaPete Labs (369 Congress Street, 6th floor, Fort Point)
Date & Time - February 15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun), 12-8pm
Requirements for participation - None, though previous experience with film processing is strongly recommended. It is also recommended that participants provide processed film for contact printing, or objects for photogramming.
Instructors - Sarah Biagini & Kevin Rice (Process Reversal)