7:00pm at Menschel Hall (Harvard Art Museums)

Balagan Films and Harvard Art Museums are pleased to present Stephen Broomer's new feature film, “Potamkin” on 16mm.  Using the poetry of Harry Alan Potamkin (1900-1933) as a springboard, Broomer crafts an experimental biography of the renowned film critic, intellectual, and Marxist ideologue, who died tragically at the height of his career. The film eschews the expositional approach of more traditional narrative or documentary cinema, instead reworking and manipulating footage from the various films that Potamkin reviewed during his short career (including, notably, Battleship Potemkin, which figures heavily into this work) to create an impressionistic portrait of the late critic's psyche as interpreted by the modern filmmaker. Potamkin viewed cinema as both a reflection of society and an agent for social change. Here, Potamkin's writings are deconstructed and reinterpreted through the physical destruction of the medium that, to him, held so much utopian promise and yet, like the disintegrating imagery of the film, failed to ever coalesce.

Complimentary parking available in the Broadway Garage, 7 Felton Street, Cambridge.